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Over the years, Horsham Hawks have had great success as a team and with players individually. Our teams have won many cup trophies and taken the league title as our own in the years 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. Along with our teams success our players have gone on to reach new heights and break boundaries at higher levels. Here are some of our Hawks Representatives:

Sussex boys: Freddie Winton, Eliot Bailey, Josh Lea-Clayton, Miguel Venturini, Allen Duraković, Antonio Lozzi, Zach Holden, Josh Taviolieri.
Sussex Girls: Amber Hutchinson, Molly Shaw, Amy Wilcox, Charlotte Wilcox, Abi Reeves, India Belfield, Dani Lozzi, Millie Lea-Clayton, Teagan Holden, Megan Stevens, Maya Le Rossignol.
South East England Boys: Antonio Lozzi, Josh Taviolieri, Josh Lea-Clayton, Zach Holden.
South East England Girls: Amber Hutchinson, India Belfield, Ellie Hutchinson, Millie Lea-Clayton, Dani Lozzi, Dani Lozzi.
England National Team: Dani Lozzi.
Great Britain Team: Dani Lozzi.

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